We got acquainted at 080 Barcelona fashion week’12. She sat on a bench, such feminine and alone. We decided to sit down by her. Conversation began somehow by itself, we didn’t notice as spoke about half an hour about everything on the world. Milagros perfectly looks for her age, she  is very sociable, also versatile as a person. In Spain her blogg www.styleinlimablog.com is very popular and she has madly interesting work.

Name, Surname Milagros Plaza

Country, city From Lima, Perú Living in Barcelona
Age 31
Education Interior Designer
Occupation working as a PA in a company
Web-site or blogg www.styleinlimablog.com
Hobby Read, travel, riding a bike and of course shopping )
Favorite designers Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Rebeca Minkoff, Balmain


What are your obligations at work?

I’m a personal assistant of the Managing Director of my company so although it could be very tought im happy to have such responsability and learn a lot about marketing, inspiration and brands.

The street fashion of what country do you like the most and why?

New York – There is no limit

Who is your favorite blogger?

Gala Gonzalez or Garance Dore

 How do you imagine fashion in 10 years?

 As a Managing Director

 Do you have a fashion icon?

 Alex McQueen – Coco Chanel


 What do you splurge on?

It dependes, can be from a pair of shoes or a new coach for my flat

What are your dreaming about?

Keep learning from my day a day and of course travel around the world



Continue the phrase:

My favorite print magazine is Vogue Spain

The color of my style is Black

Fashion is self expression