This guy “radiates” all juiciness of the world of paints, fashion and style. He is my old opening and daily inspiration. About M’c Kenneth Licon often write in magazines, on portals, he is really popular, but it doesn’t prevent to him remain friendly, sociable and kind. It is pleasant to observe, how he isn’t afraid of colors, prints, accessories. On his blog-  it is possible to find a huge number of photoreports, videos, interviews and today I am glad to present him to those who don’t know M’c Kenneth Licon yet. By the way, very cleverly and in due time this guy expressed about a fashion: ”Fashion speaks louder than words. Nowadays where people are busier than ever, and almost have no time to communicate, fashion is an instant tool to express ones personality. Whether fair or not, it is human nature to make automatic judgements on people based on their appearance, so make that impression a positive one because your fashion choices can make or break you.”

Name, Surname: M’c Kenneth Licon
Country, city: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 23
Education: Interactive Designer
Occupation: Interactive Media Director/ Blogger/StreetStyle Photographer
Web-site or
Hobby: Travelling, going to cafes, museums and parks. I also like to draw and to hang out with my friends.
Favourite designers: Hedi Slimane, Alber Elbaz, John Galliano and Christopher Bailey

The street fashion of what country do you like the most and why? 

I think Italians are always dressed nicely, (based on streetstyle blogs that I follow)

Who is your favorite blogger? 

Garance Doré is very entertaining.

How do you imagine fashion in 10 years? 

In 10 years, fashion will stay somewhat the same. I imagine designer will take more risk, cross boundaries, break barriers and put a lot more creativity on the table (not to say they aren’t doing that now already).

Do you have a fashion icon?

Not in particular, I adore too many icons.

What do you splurge on? 

Accessories and Sweets. Why not!?

What are you dreaming about? 

To be able to travel the world, preferably – to do it luxuriously.

Continue the phrase: 

My favorite print magazine is AnOther Magazine
The color of my style is -Every color
Fashion is Fun