Camilla is a very romantic individual, however, she loves to experiment with different images. And in the most of them she looks harmoniously! I like her blog – Hope, you will like this Russian charm and her taste!

Name, Surname Camilla Galiullina

Country, City Russia, Kazan

Age 24

Education Bachelor in Information Technologies

Occupation Web designer, PR

Web-site or blog

Hobby Sports, Fashion, Cooking

Favourite designers Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs 

What obligations do you have at work?

To do programming, web design, contact customers and write business articles.

The street fashion of what country do you like the most and why?

England, Sweden.To me it seems like people are free of stereotypes there.

Who is your favorite blogger?

Caroline Blomst

How do you imagine fashion in 10 years?

Hm… seems like fashion is coming back all around again. So maybe 90′s will be huge in 10 years? :)

Do you have a fashion icon?

Not really. Everybody inspires me: designers, celebrities or just young and stylish people on the street.

What do you splurge on?

On food and travelling ) Actually, I try to keep my fashion on a budget. I’m more like a bargain fashionista :)

What are your dreaming about?

Dreaming about times, when people would live in a stable and safe world.

Continue the phrase: 

My favorite print magazine is Vogue, i guess. (i’m not that into print magazines anymore)

The color of my style is Multi

Fashion is a thing you either ignore or fall in love with