Daniella- http://lellavictoria.creatorsofdesire.com/ is a very strong girl with deep feeling of taste, her own manner to put on. I am involved by pure colors of her clothes and a combination of different fabrics – thick with thin, rough with gentle. I am proud very much that there are such people as Daniella whose the way of life and a choice let know that even if you are sick, it is not necessary to give up yourselves as a bad job… Life is fine. Health to you and all kind, pretty Daniella!

Даниелла- http://lellavictoria.creatorsofdesire.com/очень сильная девушка, с ярко выраженным вкусом, своей манерой одеваться. Меня привлекают чистые цвета её одежды и сочетание разных тканей- толстых с тонкими, грубых с нежными. Я очень горжусь, что есть такие люди как Даниелла, которые своим образом жизни и выбором дают понять, что даже, если ты болен, не стоит ставить на себе крест… Жизнь прекрасна. Здоровья тебе и всего доброго, Даниелла!

“I’m a 23 year old girl from a small town called Taunton in somerset! I’m in love with my guy who i have been with for three years….. and i’m very much a family girly. I’ve suffered with an illness called M.E for over ten years now and it was when i was very ill with it and had nothing i could focus on that i became so interested in style and fashion. My mums style had a huge influence and helped to inspire! Style and Fashion is a huge part of my life, its what makes me me, along with lots of other things. My style is so important to me as its that i have worked hard on to achieve and identifies me as a person and not me with an illness!!!”

Name, Surname – Daniella Robins
Country, city – England, Somerset
Age 23
Education I went to a Private school until I was 11years old and then left due to an illness
Occupation I guess I am a blogger
Web-site or blogg http://lellavictoria.creatorsofdesire.com/
Hobby reading, blogging, creating outfits, spending time with my family
Favourite designers Acne, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Raoul, Kenzo, JW Anderson 


What obligations do you have at work?

I don’t technically “work” but I do run a blog and that takes up more time then most people’s 9-5.

The street fashion of what country do you like the most and why?

Thats Super hard I appreciate them all for all different reasons, I love the edginess of British style, I love the polished-with an edge style of New Yorkers ( I know it’s not a country) the modern minimalism of Scandinavian style and the eternal chicness of the french.

Who is your favorite blogger?

I have way to many to answer that. Oh okay I guess The Satorialist, what an amazing and understanding eye Scott Schuman has. Incredible.

3 words about your own style

Classic, unexpected, modern

Do you have a fashion icon?

I loveeee Olivia Palermo! She has such a great sense of style, I am so intrigued by her style, I find it captivating!

What do you splurge on?

Bags, Sunglasses, shoes and good jackets.

What are your dreaming about?

A pair of Chloe boots and a Burberry Pea coat

Continue the phrase: 

My favorite print magazine is Vogue! Predictable I know but it’s Fashion!

The color of our style is everything.

Fashion is an amazing thing. I see it in everyone and everything, fashion has given me the freedom I thought I would never have.