Two stunning girls, even more…they are twins. Jil & Jana are fond of photography & design. I love their german taste of fashion, tattoos, comfort european flats/sneakers, Avril Lavigne style.


Name, Surname: Jil & Jana
Country, city: Germany, Dortmund
Age: 23
Education: study photography and design at university of applied science and art
Web-site or blogg:
Hobby: party, festivals, travelling, art, movies, couch chilling, food
Favourite designers: we are not interested in famous designers, simple streetwear




If I am right- you are twins) So tell me- is it easy or it is hard to have a twin. Do you often quarrel with each other or no? Do you similar inside?

Well, everybody think that being a twin is hard, but we don’t know how it would be, if we haven’t a twin sister. it is our normal way of life and of course we quarrel a lot of times, but we don’t talk about that, after a few minutes it is forgotten. There were and there are a lot of moments where we thought the same things and we always know if the other one is lying or don’t tell the total truth.






The street fashion of what country do you like the most and why?

I would say the british one, cause there is this punkrock-creepers-90s-attitude. I like New York with that classic-hip hop-beanie-sneaker style, but the most… I like japan – Tokyo: you have the freedom to wear what you want and no one looks at you, because it’s normal.

Who are your favorite bloggers?

Lisa Olsson -
Marie Jedig -
Ivania Carpio -
Erika Bowes -






How do you imagine fashion in 10 years?

I would say Jana will always love sneakers and her collection will grow immeasurably. And I want to stay true to my basic items, because you can never go wrong with them.)

Do you have a fashion icon?

We get inspired by friends, bloggers, music videos and magazines. If you know Madonna is older  than Lady Gaga… we would say: it is easy to notice, but just wearing a KERMIT-coat does not make you a fashion icone. so we don’t know a special person who can carries this title.

What do you splurge on? 

Total designer-dresses people, only inspired by these lookbooks or the big blogger trends. Givenchy bulldog tee, Alexander Wang rocco duffle bag, Yves Saint Laurent arty ring, Acne leather jacket …






What are your dreaming about? 

We don’t know what the future brings, but a job which goes along with our passion: photography and design would be wonderful.

Continue the phrase:

Our favorite print magazines are Carhartt Brand Book, Vice
The color of our style is mostly black
Fashion is freedom