One month I was waiting for the answers from Viktoriya Sener. She is a busy talented full-time blogger who has origins from Ukraine. Her sense of style and fashion is smart and original. That’s why she has more than 19000 of fans on profile. I like that she more often chooses flats and sneakers, use different colors and wears really comfortable variations of clothes. Вдохновительница!))


Name,Surname Viktoriya Sener
Country, City Turkey, Istanbul
Age 26
Education Financial management
Occupation Full-time blogger
Web-site/ blogg
Hobby Photography, movies
Favorite designers Mary Katrantzou 

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What obligations do you have at work?

I’m the editor, photographer, model, writer, web-designer and marketing manager is same time.

The street fashion of what country do u like the most and why?

I think it’ New Your about its freedom and variety of styles.

Who is your favorite blogger?

Thássia Naves and Darya Kamalova

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3 words about your own style

Florals, hats and brogues

Do you have a fashion icon?

No, I don’t

What do u splurge on?

Mostly on bags and hats.

What are u dreaming about?

To become more successful in my businees-hobby-belowed job.

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Continue the phrase: 

My favorite print magazine is…Glamour and Vogue
The color of my style is…currently pink, it depends from mood and season.
Fashion is…super fun!