Name, Surname Edgar Vanuska
Country, City Latvia, Riga
Age 21
Education Studying dentistry in Riga Stradins University
Web-site/ blogg  http://lookbook.nu/edzus_1,  http://instagram.com/edzus_1
Hobby Photography, Bike riding
Favorite designers H&M, Topman 


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The street fashion of what country do u like the most and why? 

I love UK mens’ street style, because I have lived for a while in London. I completely fell in love with the street fashion of London.

Who is your favorite blogger? 

I absolutely adore fashionbeans.com! That is my favourite fashion inspiration.

3 words about your own style

 Comfortable, Colorful, Various

Do you have a fashion icon?

Actually I don’t but I like Harry Styles sense of fashion.

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What do u splurge on? 

Clothes of course!

What are u dreaming about? 

To travel to Brazil, The Amazon Rainforest


Continue the phrase: 

My favorite print magazine isю.. GQ
The color of my style is… Navy
Fashion is… the way how you can fulfill and express yourself